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The Marriage and Family ministry is dedicated to equipping married couples, and those desiring to be married, with bible-based principles, tools and resources they need to build strong marriages and families.  We utilize Christian instruction, workshops, family enrichment activities, and fellowship outings as relationship growth opportunities.

Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.  Genesis 2:24


To pursue biblical wisdom that teaches God’s perfect plan of growing and nurturing strong, healthy marriages. We are respectfully aware that God created the institution of marriage, and that the marriage vows are a covenant unto the Lord.


We admonish open communication, and spiritual oneness in marriage by providing Christian instruction in a confidential, supportive atmosphere. We strive to offer relevant, practical and Godly solutions to the daily issues of married life.


We believe strong marriages are the foundation of strong families, which produce strong communities. We are here to serve by doing our best to be good examples, and by teaching principles that develop healthy marital and family relationships. We invite our cohorts in the community to share in our learning endeavors, to improve and grow as couples.


Is a time for Enrichment- bringing together couples and individuals with a range of experience levels, from unmarried to those celebrating decades of marriage. Each week, we engage in discussions, much like that of a support group, to encourage growth, hope, and commitment to Godly principles of marriage and family. We understand that it takes courage and strength to maintain bible-based Christian family values in today’s society, yet we encourage it just the same.

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